Molly Trivelpiece, Anthropology ’15

Graduate Student – East Carolina State University – Maritime Archaeology

When I was a student at Longwood I became interested in the field of nautical archaeology. With the help of Dr. Bates, I got in contact with  Longwood alum, Brendan Burke, who is  part of a program in Florida that runs a field school each summer for underwater archaeology. After diving in with them in 2014 and finding out I loved it, I turned my focus towards that field as a career goal.

When I graduated in spring 2015 from Longwood, I went back down to Florida to be a supervisor for the field school (LAMP: Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program), and have since returned to them each summer to volunteer and supervise incoming students. In between those summers, I have worked as an archaeology field technician at a CRM company in Virginia, and was lucky enough to be an intern on the Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck Project in North Carolina.

The connections I formed at Longwood, both professional and otherwise, have prepared me for my next chapter in life, in which I will be starting graduate school at East Carolina University for their Maritime Studies program. Drs. Bates, Jordan, and Dalton have my hugest thanks in helping me become the person I am today.

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