Andy Jordan, Anthropology ’15

Jordan Andy

Graduate Student – North Carolina State University

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Longwood University in the spring of 2015. From there I jumped straight into graduate school at North Carolina State University, where I am currently working towards earning my M.A. in Anthropology with a focus on prehistoric archaeology in the North American Southeast. There I am also co-directing the department’s Archaeology lab.

This past summer I led a field project surveying and establishing prehistoric, Woodland period sites along the shoreline of Lake Phelps, North Carolina. This field project was conducted as a part of my thesis research. In addition to working with students from NC State and UNC Ashville, I was assisted by several Longwood anthropology students and alumni. Their experience, integrity, and work ethic were invaluable to the completion of the project, and I am very grateful to them.

The success that I have had would not have been possible without Longwood University’s exceptional Anthropology program. Being an archaeologist has been a dream of mine since my early childhood. Longwood Anthropology helped to make that a reality. They provided me with many opportunities for fieldwork, lab work, and independent research, and from these opportunities I gained experience that has allowed me to succeed in my post-graduation life. My sincerest gratitude goes to Dr. Bates, Dr. Jordan, and Dr. Dalton for their exceptional mentorship and continued support.

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