Meghan Trant – BS Anthropology ’15

Trant Meghan

Graduate Student – George Mason University

Currently, I am working part-time and attending George Mason University in pursuit of an MS in Forensic Science. Right now, my goal is to one-day end up at Dover Air Force Base, in Delaware, MD, helping to identify military bodies. Only time will tell!

Freshman year at Longwood was awful, I thought I would never find my niche. That is until I mustered up the courage to go outside my comfort zone and spend Spring Break 2011 in a bus with Dr. Bates and about 8 other people I didn’t know traveling the South and learning about Moundbuilder culture. That was the truly the beginning of my college years. From then on, I made sure to take part in as many intersession courses and weekend trips as possible to not only learn and practice Anthropology/Archaeology, but to just be around ‘anthro’ people. Then in the summer of 2013, partaking in Field School, lasting memories and friendships were made and continue to be made due to the Alumni Weekend.

I owe a lot to Drs. Bates, Jordan, and Dalton. They are not only great professors but they are fantastic people to be around. They have created a great program of which I am, and anyone would be, fortunate to be a part!




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