Jessica Clark, Anthropology ’14

Clark Jessica

Graduate Student and Graduate Assistant at Ball State University

After completing my BS in Anthropology in December 2014, I spent the spring of 2015 working as a project manager in the archaeology lab at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. The following summer involved 5 weeks of volunteer work with the James W. Jordan Archaeology Field School and a few collaborative projects with the Archeological Society of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. Now I have settled into life in the Midwest and I am pursuing my MA in Anthropology, concentrating on historical archaeology, at Ball State University. I am a departmental graduate assistant, currently involved in faculty research and projects in both archaeology and cultural anthropology.

I began my time as an undergraduate with no idea what field of study I would pursue. After a few short weeks in Dr. Jordan’s Anthropology 101 course, however, I knew that there were no other options for me. People, culture, and history had always fascinated me—Longwood Anthropology gave me the opportunity to further explore each of these ideas, and to realize that my interests could become a career. I cannot thank Dr. Bates, Dr. Jordan, and Dr. Dalton enough for teaching me to think outside the box and explore my passion for archaeology.

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