Katie Sutton Gardner – Anthropology & History ’03

Gardner Katie

Alumni & Family Relations, Roanoke College

As a double major in History and Anthropology I wanted to explore career options in both archaeology and museum work. After graduating, I was offered a job as an archaeologist with Cultural Management Institute with Virginia Tech and spent three years digging Phase I and II projects at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, VA. In 2007 I moved to Lexington, VA, and began working as a Collections Manager for Washington and Lee’s many different art collections, including Chinese Export Porcelain, Armorial Chinese Export Porcelain, and the historical Washington-Custis-Lee collection. After another move, this time to Roanoke, VA, I found myself working in the Development Office as the Membership Manager of a modern art museum.

Currently, I am working at Roanoke College in the Alumni & Family Relations Office. After many jobs and many moves it seems that I am destined to work at colleges and universities. I enjoy working with students and helping them develop into young professionals. I would not be where I am today without the opportunities and support I received from the faculty at Longwood, especially Dr. Bates, Dr. Coles, and Dr. Smith. I am no longer digging in the field or working with collections but through the Anthropology Department I was given an opportunity to explore options I never thought possible. Through the Anthropology Department I traveled to conferences, traveled to the Caribbean and Clover, VA. I credit my time at Longwood and the relationships I made along the way with the successes I have today. Thank you to Dr. Bates, Dr. Dalton, and Dr. Jordan for their support and friendship.

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