Jessica Rohr – Anthropology & French ’14

Rohr Jessica

Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant at Purdue University 

After graduating from Longwood University with a B.A. in Anthropology and French I decided, on a whim, to move to the Midwest, to Indiana, where I was accepted into the linguistics program at Purdue University. In the meantime, I have switched my focus to German applied linguistics, with the hopes of being able to teach a foreign language someday. I was also offered a teaching assistantship in the German Department, where I am now lucky enough to be teaching my very own German 101 class.

Dr. Jordan once told me, “Budding anthropologists are required to understand much more than merely anthropological things. They need to appreciate the past of human beings, the cultural differences in peoples today, and the future challenges which we all face in our futures.” This is exactly what the Longwood anthropology department teaches, which is also what makes the program so special. Without the help of Dr. Jordan, Dr. Dalton, Dr. Bates, and Ms. Perutelli, I would not have made it this far. Thank you for believing in me and for investing so much time in your students, and genuinely caring about their futures. During my time in the Longwood Anthropology department, I was not only able to further my education and to learn to view the world from different perspectives, but I also found that anthropology will always be something that I’m passionate about, and of course, I found my people.

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