Beth (Gorey) Young – Anthropology ’98

Young Beth

Freelance Writer

Upon graduation in the spring of 1998, I moved to Seattle, WA. While there I volunteered at the Museum of History and Industry in their exhibits department and then got a part time job with their events department. Not enjoying being so far from home, my husband transferred with his company to Charlotte. While here I worked at the front desk of the Mint Museum of Craft and Design and then moved up in the world by getting a couple of receptionist jobs. After a year, the husband was anxious to further his career, which meant a move back to the great PNW (Seattle again). This time I was ready.

Almost immediately I got a job at Nintendo of America Inc. (yep, THAT Nintendo) and happily worked within their legal department for 7 years. While there I learned an enormous amount about Japanese culture, as well as other Asian groups, including people from India. I also gained a lot of knowledge about the history of the Pacific Northwest. Coming from Virginia, a place with historical markers on every stretch of road, to a land that was in its infancy still in comparison was pretty amazing. We spent almost 10 years there, and it will forever be one of my favorite places (and cities on earth).

After 7 years and 2 kids, I quit my job at Nintendo to stay home full time. After 3 kids we decided it was time to move back East to be closer to family, so we transferred with my husbands job once again. We (I) had another baby (that’s 4 total if you’re keeping count, 3 boys and a girl), and I began writing for a local magazine, for which I still currently write. My days are spent caring for four very active children, writing, and drinking coffee. It’s pretty glamorous.

It wasn’t long after our move back to the southeast that I got my first invite for Alumni Weekend at the field school in Clover. Having done my field school in the BVI and living so far away for so long, I had no idea about this gathering. I immediately signed up to go. Upon arrival, I saw old friends and quickly made new ones. I sat back and thought, “these are my people. I am home.” Its fun to watch the current students go through the same field school we did (well, almost, they have bunk houses and a shower room now…and smart phones), and to float down the river reminiscing about our own time there. This year, I was honored to be chosen to be a part of the new Dr. James Jordan Longwood Archaeology Field School Alumni Advisory Board. As a charter member, I am going to do my best to help mold the next generation of Anthropologists and Archaeologists.

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