Carrington Light – ’98 Anthropology (BS) and ’04 Elementary Education (MS)

Light Carri cropped

7th and 8th Grade English Teacher

Riverdale School District

My first field school experience came in 1997 at the Stanton River Battlefield State Park.  The small group, I think there were seven of us, excavated the powder magazine during our four weeks.  Though we had fun and learned quite a bit, those of us who dug that session know how uneventful the experience was compared to other field school excavations.  It wasn’t until the third session of that summer the team located what is now the Wade Site.  If only I had signed on for the latter session…  I was also lucky enough to work on both Tortola and Jost Van Dyke during the summers of 1998, 2002, 2004, and 2005.

After graduating from Longwood College with an anthropology degree in 1998, I moved to the Hampton Roads area to pursue a career in archaeology.  I worked for the Virginia Foundation for Archaeological Research with several other Longwood anthropology grads.  Mr. James Kirby, Jr.,  who hoped we would find the 17th-century homestead of his ancestors, funded work at the site, located in Poquoson, Virginia.  Though I loved the idea of being a full-time archaeologist, the pay was far from glamorous.  After a year of work in that area, I relocated to Richmond and began working as a Service Manager for Bell Atlantic (later became Verizon Communications).

After two years at Verizon, the company offered a buyout for up to 600 employees.  One of the benefits to taking the package was tuition reimbursement.  I left the company in the winter of 2001, enrolled in master’s program at Longwood in 2002, and graduated with a Master of Science in Elementary Education in 2004.  Since then, I’ve taught at the middle school level in the areas of history and English.

My undergraduate degree has certainly aided in my teaching of history.  The experience in both the anthropology program and the archaeology field school has allowed me to apply many of the skills learned at Longwood into my classroom.  My education career began in Cumberland County (Virginia) and continues today with the Riverdale School District in Portland, Oregon.  I’m proud to be a graduate of the anthropology department at Longwood and owe many thanks to the professors of the department on my success since graduation.  The picture above shows me (on left) with my dad and sisters, Whitney and Cate – all three of us girls are Longwood alums!

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