Shaun Callaghan – ’13 Anthropology

Historical Cultural Interpreter

I graduated in May of 2013 and began searching for employment. After a couple of months of job searching I was pleasantly surprised by a request for an interview with the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. The education that I received at Longwood had prepared me for this job. I was able to nail the interview and now work at the museum interpreting the cultures that the settlers brought with them to the Valley of Virginia. I would like to thank Dr. Bates, Dr. Dalton, and Dr. Jordan for preparing me for this career path. The methods and ideas that they endowed in me have become quite useful. I find that I am using what I was taught at Longwood daily. I would also like to thank Mrs. Perutelli and everyone else that worked so hard behind the scenes to make an education at Longwood possible. If it was not for them I would not have gotten the education that led to this position. One of the cultures that I interpret is that of the Igbo which was one of the cultures covered in the Peoples of Africa course at Longwood. I truly believe that this course helped to place me above other candidates for the position. I may pursue a graduate degree in the near future, but for now I am quite happy where I am.

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