Samantha Zerio, Anthropology/History ’11

Store Manager, Anthropologie

Boulder, Colorado

After graduating from Longwood in December of 2011, I decided to head back to my home state of Connecticut. My head was a whirlwind of ideas: I had applied to graduate school, had a Peace Corps Application ready to go, got accepted into a program to Teach English as a Second Language in South Korea, and had been applying to many jobs.  I had a lot working in my favor, but ultimately decided that I needed a change of scenery and a more clear thought process of my end goals. I packed up my belongings and moved Westward to a suburb of Boulder, Colorado- A place that has always been a dream of mine.

I quickly became a manager of the store Anthropologie (how fitting), and have been here since. In August of 2014, I will be embarking on a new journey, and entering a Registered Dietician program at Oregon State University.
I am excited for this move (I truly miss being on a coast), and am ready to be back in school once again.

It was only until after graduation, that I realized I wanted to further educate myself in all of my passions.  I am continuously growing each and every day, and I have Longwood, and some pretty outstanding professors to thank for that. I am unsure which direction I will ultimately choose for my destiny- but I know that I belong in an educational setting where my mind can flourish, and I can watch others grow and shape themselves.

My dreams are big, and my possibilities are endless. While I cannot say what my future holds, I know that I will end up where I want to be- endlessly traveling and writing books that will one day land in your hands.

A huge thank you to the many inspirational and engaging professors at Longwood University. Thank you Dr. Bates, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Dalton, Dr. Coles, Dr. Welch, and Dr. Cantrell- You have all made an impact in my life decisions, for which I am incredibly grateful.

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