Aaron Whaley – ’13 Anthropology

Whaley Aaron

Graduate Student, Eastern New Mexico University

Archaeological Field Technician

After graduating in May of this year, I took a month long European backpacking adventure in three countries with the end goal to see as many archaeological sites as possible. After a lot of cheap hotels, energy  bars, and a drink or two, I think my endeavors were successful! I saw so many different kinds of archaeology that somehow made me even more eager to get my first paying job in archaeology. As soon as I returned, I began my hunt and of course, I found nothing. After a month of holding out, I decided to get my first retail job ever and then work on my first archaeology job. After another month, I got a job at Lowes as a sales associate in plumbing somehow, which is hard to believe since the only thing I know about plumbing is that if water is leaking, you have a problem. Fast-forward to last week and I am still at Lowes and much more knowledgeable,  but still not working in archaeology.

As luck would have it, I got a call from a CRM firm based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and I am now a hired archaeological technician with work starting in December and going through the Spring! I plan to work with this firm for as long as I can until attending Eastern New Mexico University in 2014 to begin work on my graduate degree.

I had a bit of a unique career at Longwood University. After transferring from VCU to SVCC and getting my associates in one semester, I transferred to Longwood as a senior. I took 36 credit hours in my year at Longwood and graduated. That year was a very important one for me, and the faculty that I was introduced too and mentored by (Dr. Dalton, Dr. Bates, Dr. Jordan) helped me fine-tune skills that I have already used, and skills that I will use in my upcoming graduate program. I owe so much to the Longwood anthropology department and so much to my one and only class with Dr. Bates, senior seminar. That class went above and beyond my expectations, and has helped me so much – post-graduation – importantly helping me get two jobs out of three interviews in the last six months! Also want to get in a shout-out to Sharon Perutelli, truly one of the most unsung heroes at Longwood University.

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