Jason Coffey ’00 – Anthropology

Coffey Jason

Senior Solutions Consultant – Dun & Bradstreet Government Solutions

Upon graduating Longwood in 2000, I immediately jumped into the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) side of archaeology.  Then in the fall of 2001 I attended University College London, Institute of Archaeology where I obtained my MA in Field and Analytic Techniques in Archaeology.  When I returned to the US I got back into CRM and worked for R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates as an Assistant Project Manager / Lithic Analyst.

For the last 4 years, I’ve been working at Dun & Bradstreet in the Government Solutions office located in Arlington, VA.  In my current role I help the federal government with various requirements that range from finding financially viable contractors to helping uncover fraud, waste, and abuse.  The common thread that ties all of my experience and various roles together is undoubtedly anthropology.  Being an anthropologist/archaeologist provides a unique perspective that many people don’t get to see.  It has helped me understand people, culture, and the human condition.  I credit my success to my amazing education, both and Longwood and at UCL.  I had the privilege to study under some truly amazing educators;  Dr. Brian Bates, Dr. James Jordan, Dr. Doug Dalton, and Dr. Peter Drewett to name a few.  I consider myself lucky to have worked in such a diverse field with these amazing people.  Anthropology has truly provided me a sturdy foundation on which to build a great future.

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